Results From Two Surveys On the Leica User Forum - Part IV

In the current blog I would like to share my survey analysis on:

  1. The numbers of digital vs. analogue Leica M cameras reported by the users of the Leica User Forum.
  2. The number of films used by those that have completed the film survey.

With regard to the balance of digital vs. analogue here some of the facts from the survey.:

Total No. Leica M Cameras Reported 260
Average Number of Leica M Cameras Per Respondent1.8
Total No. Analogue Leica M Cameras147 (57% of Total)
Total No. Digital Leica M Cameras 113 (43% of Total)
Total M8, M8.249 (43% of Digital Total)
Total M9 64 (57% of Digital Total)
Percentage of Users With Digital M67%


On the topic of film usage I provide the histogram below. It shows that the 56 respondents of this survey consume about 3000 Black & White films per year. Their Leicas are obviously being used for what they have been designed for.