Isabel Muñoz, Capturing Human Passion and Pride

Isabel Muñoz (1951) is a Spanish photographer who has originally acquired a lot of respect for her beautiful pictures of all kinds of dancers. Recently I visited "Galerie Seine 51" in Paris and was impressed by a completely different series. On this exhibition some giant platinotype portraits that she made in Ethiopia were exhibited.

From a technical perspective it is interesting to know that she works with medium format cameras and that she brings a whole mobile studio to the locations where she works, even when this is a very remote area in Ethiopia. The printing process she uses for black and white prints is also very special. She uses the platinum print process, which delivers prints with an exceptionally large tonal range. Unfortunately this can not be shown over the internet, since a computer screen is not capable to reproduce this quality. One has to see the original prints to learn what this means.

 P hoto: Portrait from the Ethiopia series, by Isabel Muñoz.
Photo: Portrait from the Ethiopia series, by Isabel Muñoz.