An Old Hasselblad Campaign for Real Enthusiasts

Translated after a Hasselblad advertisement from about 30-40 years ago.

Open letter to all real enthusiasts

You have certainly outgrown your first camera. Your experience has grown over the years and you have become more demanding with regard to the results. Your passion for the perfect picture has driven you towards the technical aspects, the superior hunting ground for connoisseurs. Your -- otherwise excellent -- 35mm camera ready for action, while you are becoming more and more demanding.

So, go and investigate what professionals do. Go and see Hasselblad. Apparent are three big differences. First of all the film format ... no comment. Secondary the quality of the modular construction, all made by Hasselblad. The choice of film backs, bodies and lenses results in over 800 possible functional setups. And lastly, the user friendliness of the Hasselblad. You can use this camera for all kinds of photography without having to be an acrobat.

So, realize your dream and call Mr Dessero from Prolux. He will send over a Hasselblad expert for a demonstration.

Addition 30 August 2010: Mr. de Bakker from Hasselblad Historical has kindly provided the information that this advertisement must have been from somewhere between 1977 and 1982. (Hasselblad Historical)

 The original Dutch Hasselblad advertisement.

The original Dutch Hasselblad advertisement.