Photographic Distinction is it Worth Pursuing?

Contribution to by Sam Ang ARPS

"Pursuing the Royal Photographic Society’s distinctions has been an enabler for the discipline required to learn and improve my photographic skills."

I was introduced to the Royal Photographic Society (RPS) in the United Kingdom back in 2006 by an old colleague. At that moment I had no clue on what photographic distinction actually is. What benefits does it bring? It did not take long before I started to investigate and to commit myself to pursuing the Licentiateship of the Society. This Licentiateship is the first level of the RPS’s distinctions. During the process I have learned many photographic skills; it is not about how to operate a camera or which aperture and focal length to use, but more on photographic concepts. It is about how you control the zone from black to white on a picture, it is about how to visualize the end result, and how to present it in context of a panel of cohesive work rather than as an isolated image.

Last July 2010 I was granted an Associateship (ARPS) by the Visual Arts Panel of the Royal Photographic Society.

The Royal Photographic Society has three level of distinction:

  • The Licentiateship (LRPS) is normally the entry level Distinction and is awarded for a good level of basic skill and competence.
  • The Associateship (ARPS) is awarded for a high standard of technical competence and individual creative ability.
  • The Fellowship (FRPS) is awarded for exceptional standards of excellence and distinguished ability.

The Royal Photographic Society's Distinctions are recognized as measures of achievement throughout the world. When you work towards a Distinction you will improve your photographic skills and also know that once you have been successful the quality of your work will be recognized worldwide. As part of my next photographic journey, I’ll enjoy and take the time to work towards the Fellowship (FRPS).

 Photo: by Sam Ang ARPS.

Photo: by Sam Ang ARPS.