Alfred Stieglitz' Love for Katwijk

During the summer of 1894 the great American photographer Alfred Stieglitz (1864-1946) went with his wife Emmeline Obermeyer on a honeymoon and travelled to Europe. On this trip they visited cities like Paris and Venice and the mountains in Switzerland They also visited the coastal town of Katwijk in The Netherlands. From his letters we learn how he loved Katwijk with its fishermen community shaped by the harshness of having to live with the sea. He describes their reality as follows:

..., Katwyk lives off the ocean fishermen and their boats, and the houses built to resist rude storms, are the themes here on which artists frame their poems and the people are like the phrase of nature that surrounds them. Immense in stature, hardly, brave beyond belief, stoical from long habit, seeing brother, father, son, and husband leave on their perilous fishing trips far out the North Sea, not knowing when or whether at all they will return, welcoming them with a simple handshake, no embrace, no tender kiss for the returning hero, for hero he is. The homecoming is saddened by the shadow of the next departure with all its risks and all its uncertainties. ...

Katwijk simply inspired him, which resulted in many pictures.

More on the Alfred Stieglitz' life can be read in Katherine Hoffman's book Stieglitz, A Beginning Light.

 Photo below: Scurrying Home, by Alfred Stieglitz, 1894 in Katwijk (print c. 1897). 

Photo below: Scurrying Home, by Alfred Stieglitz, 1894 in Katwijk (print c. 1897).