Alexander Gronsky Exhibiting at Foam in Amsterdam (Till October 10, 2010)

The Estonian photographer Alexander Gronsky (1980) shows currently his pictures from the series Less than One and The Edge at Foam in Amsterdam. Less than One is about the outmost regions of Russia where typically the average population density is less than 1 person per square kilometer. The project The Edge is dealing with the subjects of abstract and formal boundaries. The photos have been taken along the border of Moscow and explore the boundaries of the image confronted with the abstract plane of the photographic paper.

Alexander Gronsky has recently been awarded the Foam Paul Huf Award. The exhibition at Foam runs till October 10, 2010.

The information above has been derived from Alexander Gronsky's site

 Photo: From the series  Less than One , by Alexander Gronsky.

Photo: From the series Less than One, by Alexander Gronsky.