Street Photography by Chip Simone at High Museum of Art in Atlanta (Till November 6, 2011)

Today I had the opportunity to visit Chip Simone’s (1945) exhibition at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. Chip Simone is a photographer that has been trained by a.o. Harry Callahan. His series shown at "High" is really beautiful and shows that he is a "street photographer" pur sang.

Artist’s statement (from the exhibition)

In this gallery, photography is my first language and these pictures speak for themselves. They resonate with the eccentric impulses and private curiosities that led me to them. In their own way they say things words can only dream of.

These pictures come from ten years of ardent looking with an open mind and trust in my vision. Light chased shadows, and I chased both. The only rule was to try to see the familiar in a new way. The dialogue between the images is important - every picture informs every other in some way. Even planning for this exhibition was a part of my process of discovery. In the ten years that it took these pictures, preparing for this installation was the first time that I stopped to look at what I had actually done, spread it out in one place, and consider the disparate images as a singular body.

These are the most intimate images I’ve ever shown, not for what they depict but for what they reveal. When you leave this room you will know much more about me than I will ever know about you.

Chip Simone

  Photo: by Chip Simone.

Photo: by Chip Simone.